The Zebra Finance journey...


Appliance Finance Limited was founded in 1997 by Peter Fletcher (our CEO) initially as a retail finance business that provided loans for purchases of various electrical products.

In 2000, the business relocated to Derby and was re-branded as Zebra Finance.

In 2002, we were approached by a Football League Club to discuss an opportunity to provide loans to help their supporters buy their season tickets. We never looked back from this, and season ticket finance now forms a major part of our business. We now have relationships in place with more than 60 clubs across football (including several Premier League Clubs), rugby, cricket - and even the F1 Grand Prix.

In 2007, we acquired a business called First Medical Loans (since re-branded as Zebra Health Finance) which provides loans to patients of private hospitals and clinics to finance a wide range of procedures and treatments. We now have relationships with around 50 health service providers - including a number of the major ones.

In 2011, Golf Plus Direct was created (since re-branded as Zebra Golf Finance). This provides golf club members with loans to pay their annual membership fees. We now have relationships with more than 260 golf clubs across the UK.

So here we are today. We are keen to build on the success we have achieved so far to date. As an agile, capable and innovative company we have exciting and ambitious plans to grow and develop our business into other carefully selected niche market areas that have potential for us...