Complaints Procedure


Who should you contact?

To ensure we can help resolve your complaint, you should in the first instance contact Zebra Finance.

Alternatively, please write to the Complaints Manager at Zebra Finance. Our contact details are at the end of this page.

What happens next?

Many concerns can be dealt with straight away but sometimes it is necessary for us to look into the matters you have raised in more detail. This may take some time and we may need to contact you to discuss the matter further. Once we have concluded our investigation and/or review we will provide you with a written response.

Keeping you informed of progress

  • Within five business days of receipt

If we are not able to deal with your complaint immediately, we will send you a letter to acknowledge your complaint. This letter will detail the name of the person dealing with your complaint and will set out our understanding of the complaint you made and it will also include a copy of this leaflet. We will advise you to contact us further if this is not correct.

  • After four weeks from receipt

If we cannot provide you with an answer to your complaint within four weeks, we will write to you explaining why this is the case and when you can expect further contact from us.

  • After eight weeks from receipt

If we cannot provide you with our response within eight weeks, we will write to you explaining why this is the case and indicate when a response will be sent to you. You will also be advised of your right to take the matter to the Financial Ombudsman's Service should you be dissatisfied with our progress.

The Financial Ombudsman's Service (FOS)

The FOS was set up under financial services regulations to help settle complaints.

The FOS looks at complaints impartially and seeks to make a fair and reasonable decision based on the facts on each individual case.

More information about the FOS can be found at You can also contact them directly on 0300 123 9 123 8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday and 9.00 and to 1pm Saturday.

Our contact details

Tel: 01332 680400, Email: